Spiritual Guidance & Self Evolution


Eva Flood

Channeler, Healer & Intuitive Therapist

I offer spiritual guidance and healing online and in my office in Linköping, Sweden. My heart is open for you as well as for the higher universal consciousness that we are all a part of. I combine my ability to channel information and healing energies from higher consciousness, with my long experience of supporting and guiding from a human psychological perspective. For twenty years I have worked as a psychologist, primarily with trauma treatment. The finest tools from that time are still in my toolbox.

Your questions or needs can be about thoughts&emotions, health, relationships, work, creativity, spiritual development, or something else. I meet you there, knowing that you have the solutions and the power to heal within you. My task is to help you find and facilitate this. You will know when this takes place.

My Services 

For Your Inner Growth

Turning to Spirit for guidance, support and healing is an opportunity whenever we are stuck. Spirit is always there for us, but we have to make the choice ourselves, to open up to it. 

Receiving guidance from Spirit is a way to access an overview instead of a blinder view. In a loving way it lifts us out of victimhood to a wide-angle field of opportunities. It helps us connect to our True Selves, since that is all Spirit knows. It is a way to come home to ourselves.  

Online sessions held via Zoom. My time zone is Stockholm, Central European Time.





Din stycketext e

From my years as a psychologist.

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